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At this stage, the App is only available on iOS (not Android yet).
Announcing the ‘VELUX Skylights AR’ App.
How does it work?
Choose your ceiling type, skylights, scan your room, set location, and ta-da!
Walk around your room and you can view the skylights from any angle. It uses Augmented Reality software.
Steps (If you have an iphone)
Step 1: Go to the Apple App store and install “VELUX AR”.

No iphone, no problem! Go straight to steps 2 & 3.

Kensington. 3 x S01s
Kensington. 3 x S01s


Velux have reigned for over 80 years as the world leaders in skylight / roof window design, innovation, range and warranties.

$6k – >$20k

XL2 into kitchen
XL2 into kitchen

Sky Tunnel

The Sky Tunnel XL2 is a premium ‘tube type’ skylight of exceptional quality also with an industry leading warranty.

$1525. – $1750.

Port Coogee - S01 into loft
Port Coogee - S01 into loft


A maintenance plan gives ‘peace of mind’. Installations are inspected, maintained and cleaned at regular intervals.

Starting at $55. per month.

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We supply and install premium skylight brands with industry leading warranties.
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