Welcome to the West Coast Skylights Blog

These short and informative blogs  will give you peace of mind in choosing an installer able to perform jobs that are:

  • Compliant with legislative requirements,
  • Finished to a high standard,
  • Add value to your home and lifestyle, and
  • Free of stress to you.

Any home improvement, particularly window type skylights, are not cheap and so prudent to have most, if not all, of these points addressed with each potential installer prior to giving the go ahead to anyone.

Doing the tiniest bit of research for your installation for your home and being in control of your installation from start to finish will allay any fears you may have had about work done on your home.

Whilst these articles were written specifically for those choosing an installer of window type skylights, the majority of points are applicable to most trades and services.

Ken Miller

West Coast Skylights

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