Skylight Maintenance Plans

Our skylights have proven superior build quality, demonstrated by their industry leading warranties. Lots of things in life need some form of maintenance, including:  

1. Fluid and tyre changes on your vehicles.
2. Termite treatment and tap washer replacement on your home.
3. A healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise for your body.
Even our units can benefit by prudent, regular preventative maintenance.
With a well designed, built and skilled installation of a skylight, very little can go wrong.
We will not recommend a maintenance plan, unless:
1. The householders are not skilled or comfortable working at heights.
2. The householders do not have suitable roof access &/or fall arrest equipment.
3. There are trees nearby and your installation is into a tile roof.
4. Your installation employs a soaker tray on a flat metal roof, not flashing to the parapet etc.
Installations, configurations and accessibility options vary quite a lot. Prices reflect these considerations and are on a case by case basis.

Contact us on 6311 2801 to discuss your situation.