Price Guide

This price guide is just that, a guide!

Whilst the Sun Tunnel XL2 skylights have set base prices, there are some other charges and or reductions. 

There are so many variables that add time to a job a site inspection is mandatory for a firm price.

The prices expressed in this guide are representative of installations without major access &/or positioning issues.


Time is money and poor access to a work area can add days to an installation.

This type of work requires frequent visits to our vehicles for equipment, materials and tools, so clear access is required.

Difficult access costs!

SkyTunnel XL2

SkyTunnel  XL2

Supply & installation start at $725. through to $955.*

They are available in three sizes (dia):

  • 343mm   -  1.5m flexi-tube         $725.
  • 457mm   -  1.5m/3m flexi-tube  $825. / $855.
  • 535mm   -  1.5/3m flexi-tube      $925. / $955.

* $55. surcharge if ceiling insulated with 'blow-in' insulation.

* $30. to colour match flashing with colorbond (optional).

Available for both Tile and Corrugated Iron (Colorbond) and other metal profiles.

The XL2 range is supported by an industry leading ’20 Year Warranty’ on the base flashing and a 15 year warranty on all other components under normal environmental operating conditions.

West Coast Skylights also give an industry leading 10 year installation warranty.

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Velux Fixed Skylights

This is a Velux non-opening skylight.

Supply from: $397. through to $892.

Installations prices vary greatly due to access, height, type of installation, number of skylights etc.

A basic installation into a tile or colorbond roof starts at about $2500. 

Most Velux installations are between $6,000. to $15,000.

The one pictured is an S01 (Supplied at $759.)

This price includes:

  • standard flashing kit, 
  • filler pieces secured with 5mm rivets,
  • timber supporting trimmers, and
  • matching touch up paint.

    This does not include:
  • Lightwell framing, 
  • gyprock lining,
  • flushing,
  • painting, or
  • blinds.
Port Coogee Loft SO1

Port Coogee Loft SO1

There are also manually and electrically operated opening skylights available Price list is here.

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