The installation process is straight forward and is performed in this order:

  • ceiling,

  • roof space, 

  • roof, &

  • ​lightwell.

The aperture is measured and drawn onto the ceiling.

Gyprock within the aperture is removed.

The ceiling is strengthened.

The lightwell is constructed.

The roof opened and the Skylight/s is/are positioned and flashed to make waterproof.

Gyprock is used to line the lightwell frame.

For strength and durability we use a combination of structural, treated timber, steel stud and track framing with suitable fixings.

Variables that affect installation and pricing include:

  • Roof pitch,
  • roof material,
  • accessibility,
  • type of roof construction,
  • interior light shaft depth and shape,
  • skylight/s selected, and
  • weather etc.

Installations take four to five hours for an XL2 tube type skylight installation.

Velux skylights can take from one day and up to several weeks depending on the complexity of the job.

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